"H4U" is a school partnership of four European schools in Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Norway. Our topic is health, as it is defined by the WHO: A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.


In our project title the letter H stands for HEALTH (physical, mental and social).

The number 4 refers to the number of SCHOOLS.

The letter U represents three aspects we want to focus on:

  1. "yoU" stands for the individual aspect. 
  2. "yoUth" stands for our students. Our main focus is the age group of 15 - 18 years. 
  3. "eUrope" stands for the added value that an international cooperation brings.

One of our main objectives is to make students think about their health state and encourage them to add some habits of healthy life. Together we find new ways and tools to make our schools “healthier”. We compare differences and similarities in our four countries. We learn from each other and develop new ideas together.