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HLW St. Veit

St. Veit / Austria

Nisulanmäen Muuramen


Reviuslyceum Maasslius


St. Olav videregående skole Sarpsborg / Norway

"Health 4 U" is an Erasmus+ school exchange partnership. The title summarises all aspects of our motivation and ideas. We are four schools that have not worked together before. We are very motivated to learn more about our partner school´s countries, school system, curiculum and special experiences. Since we are four quite different types of schools, this will be exiting for all participants.


”Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity." This definition written in the constitution of the WHO is the basic of our partnership. We value the widely spread idea of health. 

Each school...

  • hosts one short term exchange (meeting in Austria had to be cancelled)
  • evaluates and monitor working processes and results
  • uploads material on project website and school websites 
  • contributes to the international tasks (survey, competitions, research)
  • makes the project visible at their school and the public 
  • shares experience and best practice examples with other teachers 
  • sets up a team in charge for the project