#h4ubeatscorona - Our project in times of Covid-19

The corona virus may force us to stay at home but H4U is unstoppable! This has just given our project a new dimension! Here we upload ideas how to deal with this pandemic. There´s a lot you can do right now for your physical, social and mental health!

Wear a helmet! International challenge started in Muurame:

Wearing a helmet often is not considered to be cool or necessary. So, how do we get our students to protect their heads? We give a good example! The picture/poster campaign was open until end of November! See our collection of pictures and posters, motivating people to "Wear a Helmet" - cycling, down-hill skiing, skate-boarding, white water canoeing, horse back riding or whatever sport! The proud winners of the foto challenge are: Helimi Jauhiainen, Daniela Wieser and Angelika Hebenstreit. 

Erasmus Days 2020 in St. Veit

How about breakfast in Dublin, Helsinki or Lisbon? Seems impossible in times of Covid-19, but really is no problem at HLW St. Veit! The Erasmus Days inspired our classes to learn more about the European country they had drawn. Greek dances and the history of Estonia, Danish sweets and Romanian family connections - there was a lot to learn and discover! Thanks so much to Mikko for the Skype conference with our 3rd Graders! We learned a lot about Finland. If we can´t travel Europe we will invite Europe to our school!

Virtual charity run "Kirschblütenlauf"

Kirschblütenlauf (cherry blossom run) is an annual charity run in support of the Austrian foundation 

for helping children with cancer. HLW St. has participated several times. This year holding the big event was not possible but we could take part in another way. The virtual run was a big success! Here are some pictures we took to proof our attendance. A health event that everyone benefits from. We will be there again next year for sure!

The amazing H4U foto challenge - What we do to stay healthy!

Thanks a lot to all participating students and teachers. You have been an inspiration how to deal with this difficult times. Click on the picture to see the title. 

And the winners at HLW St. Veit are.....Ellena Papitsch, Emma Holzer, Karoline Feichter and Stefanie Nott!

Live from Muurame...The Masked Teacher - Season 1!

When you have to wear masks wear them with style ;-)

Reviuslycum Maassluis stays healthy!  #lentizbeatscorona