#h4ubeatscorona - Our project in times of Covid-19

The corona virus may force us to stay at home but H4U is unstoppable! This has just given our project a new dimension! Here we upload ideas how to deal with this pandemic. There´s a lot you can do right now for your physical and mental health!

The amazing H4U foto challenge - What we do to stay healthy! #hlwbeatscorona

Thanks a lot to all participating students and teachers. You have been an inspiration how to deal with this difficult times. Click on the picture to see the title. 

And the winners are.....Ellena Papitsch, Emma Holzer, Karoline Feichter and Stefanie Nott!

Meanwhile in Muurame...The Masked Teacher - Season 1!

When you have to wear masks wear them with style ;-)

Reviuslycum Maassluis stays healthy!  #lentizbeatscorona