Online surveys about health for students

One of our ideas was an international survey about all aspects of health. This survey was done by several hundred students at all four schools in the first year of our project. 

The questions were all written and uploaded by students at the first meeting in Norway. The results were shared and analysed at the second meeting in Finland. The results have influenced the ongoing project and given valuable information about knowledge, habits and opinions of the students. 

Please note that we don´t publish detailed results here because some of the questions were quite personal and we protect our students privacy. If you want to try the questions yourself or do a similar survey yourself (which we can only recommend!): Feel free to download the questions below.

H4U Survey questions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 132.8 KB

Another survey about mental health was done by Sophie Karner and Ines Schiefer at HLW St. Veit. They wrote an excellent paper about stress/burnout and have designed a survey for all graduation classes at our school. 

Again we don´t upload detailed results here to protect our students privacy, but you can see and download the survey questions and analysis of the collected data.

Survey about stress and burnout syndrome risk potential for secondary school students
Questions_Stress and Burnout risk potent
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Survey stress and burnout_Summary.pdf
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